Do you want to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast? Hemorrhoids, also referred to as piles, are swollen veins in the anal and rectal region. These inflamed veins, depending on the location can cause pain, especially while sitting or having a bowel movement, itching, bleeding, and you may be able to feel a lump in the area around the anus. If you experience pain, it can range from a mild discomfort to extreme. If you notice blood, it will be bright red because it is blood that is very close to the surface of the skin and highly oxygenated. While normal bleeding from hemorrhoids is not considered dangerous, you should be concerned if there is an excessive amount of blood as this may indicate problems other then hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoids can be both external and internal. External hemorrhoids, located under the skin around the anus, are the most common and can be quite itchy, while internal hemorrhoids form in the lower rectum, are more painful, and may protrude outside the body.

What causes hemorrhoids?

Lifting heavy items

Heavy lifting most of the time and holding your breath when lifting heavy things is also a hemorrhoids cause. These types of activities can cause great increase of pressure in the blood vessels therefore making it prone to swelling.

Prolonged standing or sitting

Increased pressure in the veins because of prolonged sitting and standing may cause blood to pool in the anal area and may lead to hemorrhoids. Especially for pregnant women, staying in a certain position for a long period of time should be avoided to prevent the development of hemorrhoids. Pregnant women are also advised to lie on their sides to lessen the pressure in the back and pelvic area of the body.

Cancer and tumor

A tumor in the pelvic area is also a hemorrhoids cause but this case occurs very rarely.

Medical conditions

There are various medical conditions that can be a hemorrhoids cause such as heart and liver diseases since it may cause blood to pool in the abdomen and pelvic area leading to the enlargement of the veins and in turn to the development of the hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids caused by medical conditions should be taken seriously since proper medication is needed to treat this kind of hemorrhoids.

Pregnancy and labor

Pregnancy is a common hemorrhoids cause. Hemorrhoids caused by hormonal change during pregnancy increases blood flows to the pelvis and relax supportive tissues therefore making it vulnerable to swelling and inflammation. The developing fetus causes increased pressure on blood vessels and increased pressure on the lower part of the body causing swelling. Hemorrhoids can also develop after giving birth since straining can occur when giving birth.

Overweight or excess in weight

Being overweight is a common hemorrhoids cause since too much weight especially on the abdomen and in the pelvis area may increase pelvic pressure.

Diarrhea and constipation

These conditions increase pressure on the veins in the anal canal and may cause straining during bowel movement. Constipation is a common Hemorrhoids cause since it causes straining when emptying bowels. Pregnant women are prone to hemorrhoids because one of the common symptoms of pregnancy is constipation.

Improper bowel movements

Hemorrhoids caused by hurrying to complete bowel movement. Rushing to finish emptying of bowels can cause too much strain on the anal wall canals therefore causing is to swell.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast?

  • Limit toilet time to 2-3 minutes. Sitting on the toilet for a prolonged period of time puts unnecessary pressure on your hemorrhoidal vein and results in hemorrhoids or increases the size of them if you have one. So avoid reading an entire magazine or newspaper on the toilet.
  • Eat more fiber! A diet lacking in fiber results in constipation and more straining on the toilet, which leads to hemorrhoids and their extreme pain. So load up on your leafy green vegetables and whole grains.
  • Plain old ice can reduce the pain of hot inflamed hemorrhoids. Use an ice pack or place small cubes in a plastic Ziploc bag. Don’t apply ice cubes directly to the area; always be sure to use a lightweight towel or paper towel between the bag of ice cubes and the area or you will have even more painful results.
  • A warm sitz bath for 10 minutes several times a day can relieve itching and burning of hemorrhoid pain as well as relax the vessels and reduce swelling.
  • A hemorrhoid cushion can relieve hemorrhoid pain by relieving the pressure on your bottom. Usually made of foam or plastic and usually donut shaped, it allows your weight to be more evenly distributed away from the affected area. You can use a hemorrhoid cushion at home, in the car, at work for relief.


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